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Craft Space – A New Beginning

on February 9, 2013

Well, here it is! This is what will be my new craft space in our new house!

Craft Space WM

Isn’t it a pretty little chunk of the basement! The back wall (behind where the door is open) is about 10 feet wide, and the side wall (of space that I’ll be using) is about 12 feet wide, so I have a really good space to work with. I’m not sure how happy my husband is, because I think he may have thought he would be getting the whole 900 sq. ft. basement as his “Man Cave” and my craft space would be in the sun room, here (please don’t mind the mess, we’re still unpacking!):

Sunroom Desk WM

Granted, who wouldn’t LOVE to craft in that space with that view! And all the sunlight (on sunny days)! However, the sunlight that warms my face would also be detrimental to my quilling paper, so it just can’t stay there.

Also, I think his tone might have changed when I won this at work with $40 worth of tickets for his man cave. It goes nicely with the PS3 he got for Christmas.


Well, as some of you may not have known, back probably 6-9 months ago I saw a pin on Pinterest for the $5 savings plan. Since we were in the process of looking for a new house, and I knew I wouldn’t want one that didn’t have an adequate crafting space, and I knew I would be getting that crafting space at some time, I decided to start following the $5 savings plan to have money to furnish my craft space when we finally did get a house. The basis of the plan is that any time you get a $5, put it away. The plan uses $5 because it accumulates faster than $1, and it’s not big enough that you would miss it, like $10 – it’s just that perfect, in between amount. So I started that plan, and ended up with $500 by the time we bought our house! I will confess, I did supplement it with $120 I made working overtime a few days at work, but even if I hadn’t done that, i still would have a decent amount of money to do something with 🙂 Sidenote: There’s also a 52 week savings plan that I came across that looks like it might be good, also. Go search that one out if your interested!

Also during the time of searching for a house, I was pinning like crazy of good ideas for my craft storage and organization, and found that I really loved this setup by Nichol Magouirk:


I really just fell in love with the white furniture, and having a corner desk for all of the “work” that is required to run a business, but having a separate craft table for actually doing crafts at. More views of her room can be found on her blog here:

After looking at her space, and finding where she got it at, I quickly found that there was NO way I could afford the $2000 – 3000 to have a space like this. I briefly considered the storage cubes from Michael’s, but they don’t really have a way to have a “corner” space (which I LOVE) and their cubes are only 14.5″ deep, which is not enough space for office supplies.

I don’t recall how I stumbled across Ana White’s website (I’m sure it had something to do with pinterest!), but I’ve been in love ever since! And wouldn’t you know, she has a plan to build a desk that is modeled after the one above!

Corner DeskAna White Office Corner Desk Plans

Nice, huh!

I also wasn’t too crazy about the narrowness of the base units, so I decided I would build two open base units and two file cabinet units from the Eco Office plans.

bookshelf-base-modern-6_0Ana White Eco Office Open Shelf Base 

file-base-modular-office-1Ana White Eco Office File Base

I’m SOOOOOOOO excited to start this build! I was originally wanting to build it out of white melamine, but looking at the quality of what is available in my area, I went with an epoxy/acrylic sided birch plywood, which looks similar to the bases (but a little lighter).

I did have to do some planning on how to build this, as my desk is going to be MUCH larger than the plans, so some of this project may be building by ear. My desk is going to be about 9′ x 12′. I had to make a “visual guide” in the basement to get a better idea of what it will look like. Hubby is running an electrical line around the perimeter of the basement as there isn’t any power there.

Desk Layout WM

After a bit of a snafu in getting the wood to our house, it is there, sitting in the garage, just waiting for me to start building. I would love to start this weekend, but alas, I will be spending the weekend at my sister’s house, babysitting her 4 kids while her and her hubby go to a hockey game.


One other plan that is not shown here is to build a separate “crafting table” in the center of the room. That will have to survive as another post. I hope to keep this updated as much as possible, but, as of right now, it still may be another couple of months before we actually get Internet at our house. So until then, happy crafting!

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