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A little about change..

If you have been a regular visitor to my site, prior to December 2011, you’ve noticed that the layout now is completely different.

So why change?

I have currently changed to a blog format for a few reasons:

  1. A blog is easier to update and post to than a website. I found that as I was adding new items to my Etsy shop, I wasn’t updating my website due to the long and drawn-out process of logging on and updating. Don’t get me wrong, I was using Yahoo Small Business Site Solutions, which (from a prior web page designing standpoint) is SUPER easy – childs play almost – I just wasn’t updating as much as I should. Now that I have a blog, I can easily type up a quick comment about my newest creation and throw in a picture or two of them. I also am a recently new proud owner of an iphone 4s, and when it comes to updating my blog, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that.
  2. Ability to link to Etsy. If you look at the right-hand side of my blog, you’ll see some pictures. These pictures are a small showcase of what’s available in my Etsy site. If you’re interested in seeing more about one of the pictures, click on it, and it will take you directly to that page on my Etsy. In referring to point #1, I only had to enter a small code into my blog, and the code does the rest. As my Etsy site changes, the pictures will change. On my website, I would have to post the pictures and link them to my etsy site all by myself. Technology really is a wonderful thing!
  3.  Better Structure. I really like that I can tag my posts and give each post a category, so that when you, the wonderful visitor, comes to my site (or when google brings you here) looking for something specific, you can easily find it based on your own criteria.

Those are my reasons, for now. I may add more in the future as I become better accustomed to blogging life. For now, thought, I did save my previous website layout, so if I find this blog thing not to be my forte, I can always go back.


Happy Blogging!




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