Curly Quills

You made that out of paper?

About Me

My name is Jamie, I am ahappily married housewife wannabe, and I love to quill!

I had only seen quilling one other time before I started partaking in the craft myself; my sister had received a birthday card form a coworker with some quilled baloons on it. That was the first I had heard of quilling, and never thought much of it, until…

My sister, her friend and I, had gone up to my dad’s house for Memorial day weekend, 2007. We took a day trip to Arnie’s, a near by craft store (if you have ever been there, you know it can take you a whole day to get through the store!) when I saw it: The Under the Sea quilling kit. I just had to get it, becasue i had gotten married the year before, and my husband previously had an under the sea themed shower curtain that he said he wanted in the bathroom. I painted the walls blue, bright blue, and registered for all the items that matched the shower curtain.  I thought the quilling would go great as decoration in the bathroom, so i got it.

The first item I made in the kit was the turtle. He is so adorable, I was instantly hooked with no turning back!

Since then, I have spent ALOT of money getting supplies and paper, but I find it to be very relaxing, so the price tag is worth the happieness I get.

I really enjoy creating one-of-a-kind items to give to family and friends. It’s such a great challenge and I love the response I get when the item is first seen by others.

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