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Craft Studio – as compete as it’s going to be (for now)

on June 22, 2013

Well, it’s been a long time Since I’ve blogged. My craft desk has been pretty much completed since around March 20, but a lot has happened since then

  • We finished the desk on a Monday night, right around midnight
  • That week was very stressful for me at my regular job, as we started some new student testing, and I was the proctor that following Friday.
  • On Saturday (March 23), we had a housewarming in our house for family and friends. I was beat
  • The following Saturday, I went to the doctor and discovered I had shingles (stress-related). Not fun.
  • Since then it’s just been getting stuff together; still unpacking boxes, and I still haven’t found my rotary cutter.

Well, when push came to shove, we got it done, and I love it! One thing I discovered is that neither my husband nor I can cut a straight line (with a circular saw) to save our lives! So, without further ado, here it is!:

Craft Space WM


After WM



Here is a video of it coming together -> Craft Space – 2

A few highlights:

  • My computer is in the corner – this is an older picture, and I scored an additional monitor for it for $20 🙂 .
  • I currently have a desk light pointed to the wall (behind the computer) until I get a light made to hang overtop of it. Good thing I have a craft desk to make this!
  • To the left of the computer is more the business side of the desk. Here I have my printer, my paper trimmer, computer paper, and all of my envelopes and shipping supplies. I also put my silhouette there when I’m using it.
  • To the right of my computer is all of my quilling paper (in binders) and a small craft space. I have my sewing machine there, as well as my cutting board for cutting fabric, and my ribbon.
  • On the wall to the right of my computer, I put up 3 white shelves for storage. The blue boxes on top are inventory storage, the middle shelf holds my silhouette (when not in use), and the bottom shelf holds more storage boxes, as well as my sewing basket. I asked hubby what he thought of the sewing basket, and he said “it’s scary how well that matches”.
  • The actual craft table in the center of the room is made from two $16 bookshelves from Wal-Mart, and two beveled edge shelves from Menards. It works for now, but I think I may want to take a queue from another site and get a hollow-core door for the desktop.
  • As the craft table is slightly higher, my pink chair was slightly uncomfortable to sit in there, so I managed to get 3 chairs from a friend (he bought in an auction) for $10 each. 2 of them are the taller kind, so they are great to sit in. They do need to spruced up a bit, but again, what is a craft space for 🙂

So there it is! If you have any questions of something in the space, please let me know!

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One response to “Craft Studio – as compete as it’s going to be (for now)

  1. Lisa says:

    Great job! It looks brighter too – I think the white desktop helps reflect light. Happy crafting!

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